Viljami Lehtonen

Story of Finland – Suomen tarina

Story of Finland – Suomen tarina


Finnish National Museum
Sound design for the permanent exhibition of the era of Finnish independency.

Work Group
Director: Juho Kuosmanen
Set Design: Kari Kankaanpää
Light Design: Jenni Pystynen

We wanted to focus on the storytelling side of the Finnish history and avoid information overload. That’s where the sound design comes to play a crucial role because one can immediately set the ‘tone’ of each one of the separate exhibition rooms.

This audio below is heard in the last room which is focusing on giving hope for the future and on inspiring the individual to feel a part of the larger community called Finnish. I made the sound by stretching our iconic composer’s, Jean Sibelius’s composition Finlandia and adding five of those stretched files on to play at the same time but with different time positions. I thought it would sound like chaos but after some mixing it was surprisingly relaxing and the harmonics fit together quite well! It was a convenient ending song for the exhibition because it uses an old legacy and makes a new twist out of it – as we always rely somewhat on the past when we look in to the future.

Finnish National Museum
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