Viljami Lehtonen

The Cosmic Egg

The Cosmic Egg


Installation at The Burning Man-festival
(Collaborative work)

Concept: Anssi Laurila, Jami Sarnikorpi, Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä & co
Architecture: Lunden Architecture

Project included over 40 volunteers.

We wanted to build a space in Burning Man-festival, where one could contemplate oneself as a tiny speck in the vast universe. Our aim was to offer an experience combined with chilling out and realising the ever expanding space around us. With Jani Hietanen we made an 8-speaker sound installation inside. It was 1hour20min long and we combined it with Finnish nature recordings and electronic sounds. It took us 10 days to built The Cosmic Egg and we kept it open for four days before burning it down.


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