Viljami Lehtonen



2015 Zodiak
Go Go Dance Group Kuumat Putket

‘New Age -musical’

Performing and choreography: Anna Maria Häkkinen, Heli Meklin, Maija Mustonen, Noora Nenonen, Laura Pietiläinen, Linda Priha, Anni Rissanen, Aino Voutilainen

Light and video design: Kristian Palmu

Costume and set design: Laura Haapakangas

Photos: Katri Naukkarinen

With this performance I was studying what could be the purest, the holiest and the most innocent sound. I wanted to have some new age angle in the design so I decided to work with FM-synthesis instruments – synthetisated sounds that try to mimic a real life. Those cheesy ones, which still somehow have the characteristics of being innocent.

For the pureness, I used a lot of fifth intervals, tuned with Pythagorean tuning system. And as for the holiness of it, I ended up using a lot of organ-like sounds combined with methods like circle of fifths and ever-rising glissandos.

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